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    Handwritten letter from Porfirio Diaz to Camilo Argüelles Manso

    From Eduardo Arguelles:

    I also found the following background information on Camilo Arguelles from a biography that had been sent to me. Camilo is our great grandfather (the father of our grandfather Edmundo) and his wife was Maria de los Angeles Lira (this is where Lira comes in). He was a close friend of Porfirio Diaz when he was a general and before he became president. Camilo fully supported Porfirio when he ran for president but when Porfirio decided to run for a second term (this was against the constitution and against Camilo's principles), Camilo was not in agreement. He held an important position in the Customs office in Cd. Juarez (known as Paso del Norte at that time) but when his superior tried to obligate Camilo to vote for Porfirio's re-election, Camilo sent his resignation letter to Porfirio. I believe that the letter we have may be Porfirio's reply to Camilo's letter of resignation. All very interesting.


    Mexico, November 21, 1885
    Mr. Camilo Arguelles
    Paso Del Norte

    My Dear friend,

    I respectfully read your kind letter ( _ _ maybe reference to the date? _ _) and although the report you sent me helps me greatly to know all the details of the case that you refer to, it doesn't tell me anything new about your honesty and refinement which I well know. In this regard, you should rest assured and know that as always, you can count on my esteem and affection, but whatever the final outcome be, the truth is that you are both (the you "ustedes" is plural) upset and will not be able to work well and without doubt with prejudice to your public service.
    Therefore, although I would have preferred not to move you from that place, first because the government needs you there, and also to prevent you from the complications that you mention, the Ministry finds itself in the need to relocate you to another place, naturally without affecting your salary or category. I recommend that in the meantime, you accept the appointment you will receive, being assured that if it is not of your complete satisfaction, I will look for any other position that would be satisfactory to you.

    You know I am fond of you, your close friend,

    Porfirio Diaz

    Owner/SourceMary Lou A. Anderson
    Date21 Nov 1885
    File namePorfirio Diaz to Camilo 1885.jpg
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    Linked toCamilo Argüelles Manso

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