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    Report: Birthdays This Month

             Description: Living family members with birthdays this month. (Note: You must be signed in as a registered user to see birth dates and places)

    Matches 1 to 36 of 36   » Comma-delimited CSV file

    # Birth Date Full Name Birth Place
    1   Magdalena Zolezzi del Rio   
    2   Alheli Zolezzi Carvajal   
    3   Diego Aguirre Paredes   
    4   Martha Louise AguilarMartha Louise Aguilar   
    5   Ricardo Ramírez Huerta   
    6   Morgan Melynda MiccioMorgan Melynda Miccio   
    7   Isabella Martínez Alvarado   
    8   María Huerta Argüelles   
    9   Susan Marie ArguellesSusan Marie Arguelles   
    10   Ernesto Gutierrez   
    11   Karen Marie Odegard ArguellesKaren Marie Odegard Arguelles   
    12   Coleen YardleyColeen Yardley   
    13   Barbara McDaniel   
    14   Sebastian Zolezzi Bautista   
    15   Eduardo Galicia Cano   
    16   Alfredo Ramírez Huerta   
    17   Lucia Blanca Dorantes Pinto   
    18   Bradley PfeifferBradley Pfeiffer   
    19   William Bradley MiccioWilliam Bradley Miccio   
    20   Greta Zolezzi Ibarra   
    21   Eduardo González Huerta   
    22   Erika Antúnez Argüelles   
    23   Ofelia Gómez Argüelles   
    24   Marcela Margarita Reyes Rosas   
    25   Erika Jannet Ibarra Villareal   
    26   Alfredo Arguelles Paredes   
    27   María Eugenia Name SierraMaría Eugenia Name Sierra   
    28   Marcel Cleo BegayMarcel Cleo Begay   
    29   Bonnie Catherine Baker   
    30   Matilde Huerta Argüelles   
    31   Mauricio Agustin Quintanta Argüelles   
    32   Marguerite Mary MiccioMarguerite Mary Miccio   
    33   Lya Castro Echeverría   
    34   Aida Zolezzi Fehér   
    35   Mariarene Leal Zolezzi   
    36   Sara Dafne Paredes Cerda